Nora Sandigo

The Great Mother

"La Gran Madre"

Founder & Executive Director

Internationally recognized, Founder and  Executive Director of Nora Sandigo Children Foundation, formerly American Fraternity Inc. since 1989. A 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan organizations in Miami, Florida serving the local and national community of immigrants and children in the United States. Nora is currently is the legal guardian of over 1,200 American children of immigrants in danger of deportation. Nora has dedicated her life to helping these children and their families with food and much needed supplies. She tirelessly works towards immigration reform, and advocacy on the basis of a humanitarian agenda.

Sergio Massa

Finances & Board of Directors

Sergio is a Certified Public Accountant that has been instrumental in making sure that NSCF is in complete compliance with all of it's financial reporting responsibilities.  His experience as a tax professional has been invaluable to meeting the government standards of a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


Alfonso Oveido-Reyes, Esq.

Legal Counsel & Board of Directors

Dr. Alfonso Oveido, is a leading Civil Rights Immigration Attorney. He is a leading force in promoting advocacy and providing legal counsel to the Nora Sandigo Children Foundation. His crucial legal expertise has been instrumental in pushing for immigration reform to keep families together. Dr. Oveido's, defender of children is not only a strong proponent of humanitarian values within the immigration system. He is a tireless and  driving force in taking legal action to uphold the mission and vision of the NSCF.


Ademir Monaro

Director of Facilities

Ademir! What would the NSCF do without him?. He is the mover and the shaker of the organization's events. The man that gets things done. There is no better organizer of supplies or coordination of all of the behind the scenes work necessary to have a spectacular event. Ademir is a dedicated humanitarian that goes above and beyond for the children he serves.


Julieta Garcia

Program Director

Julieta's leadership role in organizing volunteers to coordinate special events is a crucial part of food and supply distribution. She is efficient and proactive in recruiting and maintaining volunteers that work hard to meet the supply and demand of hundreds of families in the South Florida area.

Karen Machuca

Director of Corporate Communications 

 Entrepreneur, Motivator and Performance Coach, Karen has over a decade experience in the the entrepreneurial space and has worked with numerous community leaders, press and ngo's and grassroots organizations. Her advisory role includes  best practices in business organization and effective business communications.